Kalem Educational Services Company

Kalem for Educational Consultancy

Kalem is an educational consultancy based in Istanbul – Turkey, founded in 2014. Kalem aims to provide services for students in Istanbul to complete their education abroad. We are certified by more than 27 universities in Turkey and several university agencies in Georgia and Poland; we also seek to obtain agencies from the largest universities in Europe, Britain, and Canada.

Kalem Educational Services Company
Kalem for Educational Consultancy

How do I obtain university admission?

The students start their journey at university studies a while before the new academic year, where students have to determine the faculty and the major required, and they should ask questions and find answers:

Do you ever think about studying in Turkey?

study in Turkey: Maybe you’ve watched Turkey on TV before, but in reality, it’s much more beautiful, with its mesmerizing nature, somewhat stable economy, and sciences along with following advanced education methods. Turkey is considered the best destination to study abroad.
The economical and industrial nature of Turkey makes it one of the best destinations to study for foreign students, and that’s thanks to its educational features, scientific and practical applications, and the availability of job opportunities and various internships for students and graduates.


Look for a major?

Kalem team has designed this website Kalemuni.com to facilitate access to services that will be offered, where this chart contains detailed information about universities in Turkey and Cyprus. All you must do is write the major in the search box and all the related results will show up.
If you face any problems during your search for a compatible major, contact us on WhatsApp directly.

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Services provided by Kalem Company:

Applying to public and private universities in Turkey

Applying for Turkish Scholarships

Registering for university entrance exams in public Turkish universities

Obtaining initial admission

Receiving students from the airport

Securing the optimal residence for students

Assistance in obtaining a student residence permit

What distinguishes Kalem Company?

Discounts up to 70% of the total fees

The international students' company Kalem offers you the ability to receive fully paid scholarships/partly paid. In addition, it offers you discounts on tuition fees up to 70% if you apply through Kalem company to private universities; we can also help you enter the exchange program for students in various European countries

Special services

We grant you admission in a week at most if you comply with all the conditions for university admission; we'll be your partners during your journey from A to Z. We receive students from the airports, help them at enrolling in universities, secure their residences that comply with their financial status, we equate their certificates, and so on until students graduate.

Speed at registering

Kalem team works on offering a special service for students who want to study at universities that we've made accommodations with in Turkey, Cyprus, Poland, and Georgia, and that's through directly registering via the registration link on the website. The applications get immediately sent to the university to obtain the initial admission, in addition to being able to track the application on our application tracking page.

Always communicating

Providing accurate information is our mission; therefore, we work in Kalem team to always communicate with the students, and we track their applications and do most of the registration procedures, in addition to always communicating with them and providing assistance and guidance until they graduate and return to their countries safely.